Being single during the holiday season is lonely, but I have to remember that love will happen when I am ready, not when I am lonely.  Being alone offers perspective that you don’t have when you are in a relationship.  When I was married, I was so focused on another person, that I could not see the issues that I needed to work on.

I believe that is why God wants me to be alone right now.  When I meet my future husband, I need to be a “fit helper” for him.  What are the areas that I failed to address in my first marriage?

I have a sharp tongue, but I am working on it.  I pray that in times of conflict, I can offer my future husband a gentle word and not fight anger with more anger.  In the past few months, I have consciously attempted to squash the instinct to lash back at a family member, but instead to pause, take a few minutes, or a few hours if necessary before responding.

Dear God,

I thank you for this time to be alone, because with You, I am never lonely.  I pray for those that read this.  If they are feeling lonely, that they will be comforted by Your Holy Spirit.  If someone is in a struggling marriage, I pray that they too will be able to look inwardly and see if there is anything that they need to change while You are working to alter the heart of their spouse.

In Jesus name,