“If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.”  Healthy relationships are wonderful because if one spouse is having a hard time, the other is there for support and encouragement.

Being in a lonely marriage is worse than being single. If you are single, others understand if you ask for support. If you are married, however, you should be able to call on your spouse.

For appearances sake, I suffered in silence for many years. I did not want anyone to know there was a problem, so I tried to hold all the pieces together.

Pay attention, husbands. Marriage is hard work. Your wife is carrying a huge burden. If there is conflict, many husbands retreat to their “man cave” whether that be a basement, garage, bar, or friend’s house. Don’t be so chicken. Try to understand why she is upset. It is probably not the thing she is yelling about.

Having been a quarrelsome wife, I understand your desire to escape. Having been a neglected wife, I have sympathy for your spouse.

My husband could have tried harder. He could have tried period.

Here is what I needed:

  1. Bring flowers home.
  2. While she is making dinner, walk past and rub her shoulders for a few seconds or give her a light spank.
  3. When you are eating, stare at her. She will ask why you are looking at her that way. Tell her that she is so beautiful.
  4. Ask her about her day.
  5. Help her clean up the dishes.
  6. Put your hand around her waist and ask if she has lost weight.
  7. Kiss her gently, then pull away.
  8. When the kitchen is cleaned up, put your hand on her cheek and tell her how much you appreciate her. She is a wonderful mom. You have great kids because of her.
  9. Apologize for your bad behavior lately.  Then tell her you have missed her.
  10. Then kiss her, hard and deep.  Feel her relax and yield into you. While kissing her, put your hand through her hair and pull her head back by her hair, then kiss her neck.
  11. Put on some slow music and dance with her.
  12. Make love.

Dear God,

I pray for my marriage. I want to make my marriage work, but I need your intervention. I need my wife to hear me and listen when I speak. I know there are things that I need to do better. Please help me be the husband that my wife needs me to be.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen