You married the guy. There must have been something you saw in him.  Was he funny, rich, fit, smart, good looking? Are his jokes now old, he lost his money, he is doing drugs or other stupid shit, has he stopped working out and now has a beer gut?  Too bad. That comes with getting older. Find something new to love. For better or worse, right? Well, this is the worse. Do you want it to get better?
Have you decided? Make that decision first. 
Pray this question. Dear God, Should I get divorced?
Listen for the answer. I am not telling you what the answer should be. Only He will be able to speak the truth to you, if you let Him.
If you make the decision that you want it to get better, it is time to make it better. 
Today is a day for forgiveness. I am not saying that he won’t hurt you again in the future, but if there was ever a day for a clean slate, let that be today. Find something nice to say to him. He will be surprised and grateful (maybe a little suspicious too). Maybe you can make it a game.
Let me pray with you.
Dear God,
I pray for the wife reading this message today. Let her be healed of the past hurt. It has created such a deep wound in her heart that it hurts to feel. In order to heal, she needs to feel. Help her to forgive her husband. Help her to find something to love about him.
In Jesus’ name, Amen