King Solomon was a romantic and was not afraid to tell his love how he felt about her. Listen up fellas, you could learn a thing or two from this guy. Women like to be told how beautiful they are. Chivalry is not dead. Yes, I want my guy to tell me that I am special. Compliments go a long way. But then what?

Solomon took action. He saw his lady love and married her. His beloved did not give herself to Solomon without a commitment. One of the reasons why their love was so pure and an exemplification for us all, was because they were getting married. The song is a paradigm for a courtship that we should all want, and we deserve.

I thank God for the pleasure of sex and look forward to sharing it with my husband one day in the future, but I don’t want to complicate my dating relationships by giving in to the physical demands of lust. There is a line that keeps me from confusing love and lust. If the guy I am seeing cannot wait to share that joy with me on our wedding day, then he is not the one for me.

For now, I wait for my guy. If we are meant to be, then he will see that God has brought us together. God will keep us together. God will bless us with much joy, and carry us through the dark times.

Dear God,

I pray for those that are struggling in their relationships. Lord, help those reading this blog to turn to You and surrender. My marriage is in Your hands. You know the future. Lord, I wait to see the amazing turn of events that will unfold. I believe in Your miracles. You know the secret prayers in my heart. You have caught the tears I have shed for the man I love. Please God, give me patience to endure this hard time. If there is something I need to change, please give me the clarity to know what I must do, and the courage to act upon it. In Jesus’ name, Amen