Dear Ann,
What would you do differently if you knew your husband would die in 5 years? What if you only had a year?
How do you speak to him?
Is it always with respect, or do you question his judgement?
Do you show him your kindness and compassion?
I ask you these questions because somehow, sometimes it seems that maybe you think your life is more important than his. You are more holy and therefore righteous.
Well sorry, sister. God’s love doesn’t work that way.
You need to take a good look at yourself because you are not so special. It is your God that is special.
He has granted you special privileges because He loves you, but like all good Fathers, He will correct your behavior when you get out of line. You are bringing the pain upon yourself.
Your husband needs your respect. Do not open your mouth if you cannot speak to him with kindness and love.
Count your blessings. Don’t look back. Only move forward into the future knowing that every day is getting better.
And be expectant of good things to come your way. Look for them. The truth is that no one knows the number of our days. So treat your husband as if you may never get another day with him, but expect a lifetime of joy.
Then wait and pray.
Wait for your miracle.
Dear God,

How grateful I am that you sent a man into my life who challenges me. I prayed for him, but I don’t see things getting better. Thank you for the gifts you will leave in my path today. Thank you for your patience and grace. I know you don’t move on my timeline, but your own. I am sure you are working behind the scenes, to reveal yourself slowly. Help me to see you moving in the world today. Strengthen me to overcome my prideful nature.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.