I work in marketing and was recently asked to do a job. The job seemed impossible to me, so I need to consult an expert.
I need to hire you to do a job for my boss. My boss is a pretty important guy, kings and presidents take his call. My boss is a legend, one of a kind. As soon as I tell you who it is, you may feel a little shocked or surprised.  He has built a very successful company, but it has stagnated recently, they are facing zero or negative growth at this point. He needs to innovate to reach the younger generation.  I believe that is the target customer.
He currently offers both a series of products and a service. The products cannot stand alone without the service. The products include a books and several movies. The material is kind of dry to some, but it has been made into several movies, some very successful. However, it might be time for a new edition for millennials. I don’t think millennials even care about the service, it is something like a class on how to live happily ever after. Young people don’t buy it. They are too skeptical. Can you blame them?
This boss of mine is trying to pitch a product that will help you live longer, when he should be pitching sex. Lots and lots of sex. Sex sells right? So, I need your help to pitch sex in a safe way. In a non-pornographic way.
He wants to get speaking engagements with these products and services, but the people he is getting to buy into it, already bought it, tried it, and many didn’t like it. It was too hard to practice and for some, they were scared of the message. The movie versions are too abstract, and have no sex, G-rated. Why can’t we spice it up a bit?
What if the movie version talked about the ultimate sex act that can only be achieved in a certain way. Like unlocking level 10, but any adult could attain it.
The product allows you to experience sex from both male and female perspectives at once. What if you could actually feel what your partner feels while they are having sex with you?
Would you buy that product?
What if that product was marital sex, the way God designed it? Will you help me spread the word?
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