What if you knew the whole story?

I am a big fan of puzzles. Figuring out the proper place for 500 pieces and managing to lock them perfectly into place, requires patience, sorting, matching, time, attention to detail, and discovering patterns. Life is the same way. Where do we fit in to the puzzle? Am I just a single piece of someone else’s puzzle, or is my face a prominate feature?

Jigsaw puzzles come with boxes that show us what the finished product is supposed to look like. Life doesn’t. The big puzzles can take days or even weeks to finish.

What about life? Those puzzles can take months or years to figure out. How do I keep keep believing when I cannot see the big picture?

Don’t get stuck thinking about the big picture. Work on the little puzzles. What is today’s puzzle.

I realize that I cannot solve tomorrow’s problems today. When I let go of the future expecation, I remember how much I love him and want him around every day. How much I want him. How happy I am that we found each other. My heart feels warm.

But when he is not around, I will find others to love. How many people can I bless today because I have been exceedingly blessed?

If you knew that you could be the bright spot in someone’s puzzle today, what would you do differently?

If only you knew that this trial was only for a short time, could you hang on a little while longer?

I pray this message greets you with love. Dear God, pour out your blessings on the ones reading this right now. Whatever they are going through, provide comfort. Heal their broken hearts and fill them with your abundant joy. In Jesus name, Amen