A quick search in my Bible study app finds the phrase “fear not” 69 times in the American Standard Bible, 34 in English Standard and 63 in the King James.

How does fear manifest itself in your life?  There are two different types of fear, real and perceived.

Action based on real fear produces results intended to save your life, fight, flight or freeze. If you see a bear, instinct will tell you not to fight it, but do you run away or pretend to be dead?

Perceived fear also produces these instincts, but if you are afraid your spouse is cheating, what is the action you will take? Will you do nothing, run away, or will you fight? The problem is that the fear is perceived. It does not have a basis in reality. So if the fear is unjustified, your spouse is not having an affair, any action you take will produce negative consequences.

Perceived fear requires the same type of thinking as faith, believing in something that you cannot see. I will have faith in my spouse that he or she is faithful to me. Faith leads to positive action, hope, love and charity.

Overcoming fear has the ability to produce exhilaration, a kind of empowering joy. It becomes the armor that helps us fight worthy battles. Whether your worthy battle is laundry, commuting, or combatting temptation, know that with faith in God, he will help you fight those battles. He will bring warriors to your side to fight with you. You will not be alone.

Dear God,

You are an amazing provider and I know that you do not want me to be afraid, but sometimes I am. Forgive me for my doubts. I want to trust. Give me strength for today to fight my worthy battles. Help me to recognize when I am about to act out of perceived fear. Help me to know that I am not alone. In Jesus’ name, Amen.