There are 641 mentions of fire in the Bible. Sometimes fire is used to show God’s power to destroy or protect, or used as a warning of eternal damnation. Fire consumes an offering or an enemy. God appears in the fire, and fire is a light. However, my favorite usage of fire is to refine silver and gold.

Gold ore looks like a rock with specks of gold. When I think about gold diggers portrayed in movies, I think they found golden nuggets ready to be melted into coins or jewelry, but in reality, gold is generally found as slivers pressed between layers of stone needing refinement in a furnace to melt the precious metal trapped in the cavity of a worthless piece of earth.

So I thank God for being with me in my trials and I watch for Him to reveal himself. Sometimes my prayers are desperate, pleading to the point of begging.  I don’t always understand why I have to wait. Why can’t my prayers be answered right away? Every Sunday that I sit alone in church I pray for him and I pray that God would send me someone to sit beside me. I ask for a man to hold my hand and wrap his arm around me. I wonder, “why?” Why do I still have to wait?

Gold Refining Smith and Lyng patent-01

Now I know. The refining process is very complicated. I looked up graphics and charts, and even an original patent from 1899, but I have to accept that there are some things that I am not meant to understand. I just have to go through it. I am more precious than gold, but when I am ready for marriage, I will be pure and refined. All my dirty parts burned away through the fire.

Do you feel like you are in the fire? Do you wonder where God is in your difficult situation? Just keep waiting and trusting. Remember God appeared with Meshach, Abednego and Shadrach when the king threw them into the furnace. ‘”Look!” Nebuchadnezzar shouted. “I see four men, unbound, walking around in the fire unharmed! And the fourth looks like a god!”‘ Daniel 3:25. Don’t stop believing. God will bring you through this trial and you will be stronger than ever.