If you are going through a storm, do not give up hope. It does get better. God is good. Keep believing and stay in the faith.

Today I can feel a dramatic difference in my situation from only a few months ago. There is an improvement even just in the past few weeks. I can count numerous prayers answered, most obviously are financial provision and restoration of health.

While all my prayers have not been answered, there is a peace that comes from acceptance that there are some situations that cannot be forced. Some doors that are not ready to be opened. Some things still have to wait.

But the great storm in my mind has relented. I am ok with my life as it is today. I am not where I want to be, but I trust that God is in control, so I do not have to worry that I will get there eventually. I praise God that He brought me through.

What is left in the wake of the storm? There is damage that needs to be repaired. It takes time to recover. I will give myself that time. I will cherish everyday. I thank God that I did not die and those I love are safe, healthy and thriving. There were things I lost in the storm, but the replacements are new and better. I am healing. My old life is gone, but the new life is full of possibilities.

Trials in marriage, relationships, or just life in general are God’s way of testing us. He does not cause the pain, but he allows us to suffer through because He knows when we emerge on the other side, we are stronger; we have deeper roots; we will trust in Him. Our faith has been refined.

So, hang on. Life is about to get really good. Prepare to be amazed. Abundant blessings are headed your way.

Thank you, God for allowing me to endure the suffering and trials I have experienced these past few years. I thank you for bringing me through the hardest part. Thank you for never leaving my side and revealing yourself on my darkest days. Lord, I thank you for the abundant goodness coming my way. Help me to be every mindful that all good things come from you. In Jesus name, Amen