IMG_0015Dads pay attention. Your baby girl is growing up. You watched her roll over for the first time. You gave her baths and changed her diapers. Daddy, you know that girl; the one who took her first steps while clinging to your fingers. Teach her the song Oh, Be Careful.

Think about the music you listen to in her presence. Think about what you watch and say in front of her. Remember she is always watching. She also sees how you are treating her mom.

Now she is growing up.Theresa Robbins age 13

She is putting on makeup and thinking about boys.

Take this opportunity to talk to her about how she feels about how the media portrays women. Talk to her about how valuable and important she is. Tell her about the man that deserves to be her future husband. Tell her that you understand that she will be tempted to have sex, but if she waits until she gets married, it will be so much better. Tell her about the danger, not just sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Tell her about the emotional turmoil.

Boys will hurt her if she lets them. She is in control of whom she lets in her bedroom, her dorm room and her apartment. She is in control of how much she has to drink at a party. She is in control of whom she decides to go home with at the end of the night. She has control over what she wears. Remind her of that power.

Then tell her that if she ever makes a mistake, she can come to you without fear. She doesn’t have to tell you what happened, if she doesn’t want to, but that you will always be there for her if a boy breaks her heart.

Most of all, tell her that you love her.

Dear God,

I pray for all the dads out there challenged with raising daughters in a ever growing promiscuous world. Please help this dad know that while he cannot shield his daughter and hold her hand while she faces relationship challenges, he can arm her with the strength to say “no.” He can equip her with the knowledge of the temptations she will face. And he can give her a soft place to land when her relationships end. I pray that in leading his daughter in this way, she will have the patience to wait to get married until she finds the man you have meant for her.

In Jesus’ name, Amen